Still browsing throuh Hobonichi online shop to decide on a Planner for 2020

Jason from 10 Centuries just released a feature that people can export contents from the 10C websites they own to Day One app. I’ve just done it and have to say the export from 10C site is so fast and works very well.

I’m kinda torn in between Hobonichi A6 or A5 for 5-year techo…

After a long break for about a month, I just finished writing Morning Pages

Mrs & daughter has visited this 9 Arch Bridge while they were on a road trip here.

Reinstalled iOS app on iPad. Not sure why CMD+Enter doesn’t work on Apple Smart Keyboard for new posts though

Giving it a try again

Lots of clouds in the sky. Sign of some rains.

There is nice (podcast)[ about Capsicum app

Just subscribed to Capsicum app for an year.

I don’t understand this… I’m unable to load any microblog apps on any of my mac or iOS devices. No problems on android

I’ve been trying out bullet journaling app called Capsicum and so far liking it. Just only a couple of days left for the trial


No, the m.b not loading on Safari hasn’t still been resolved

All this time I have been having issues with neither m.b site not loading on the browser nor updating the timeline on any of the native apps on both mac and iOS. Let’s see whether it is resolved now with activating my expired subscription.

I’m getting fascinated to study about Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as Treatment for Depression

Here it is all the way from Japan… Now that I have it, looks like all the excitement has gone away. It’s pretty much everything in life. It doesn’t have to be so.

One month of BuJo

First month of simple bullet journaling seemed to have helped me to keep track of my tasks and achieve most of them, in particular in the day job. Before I make a decision whether I’d continue with BuJo into 2019, I might as well continue with my present notebook in the month of December too. With that in mind, set up Monthly Log for December in the BuJo. Migrated a just a few tasks from last month to this current months. After I receive the Hobonchi cousin planner which is expected in next few weeks, will be able to decide whether I would use the planner to combine planning + bullet journaling into one.

3rd day off work, in a four day long weekend. All what I’ve been thus far was just rest and taking it easy.

Checking Drafts to MB post action

Am just wondering whether there is any Hobonchi Planners I could use as both Planner + Bullet Journal combination…?

I’m so much looking forward to receiving Hobonichi cousin order directly from their online store in Japan.

PDF Pen app is now on Setapp offering.

This evening I started reading The Bullet Journaling Method

So, yeah, I’m finally going to get to this